Aras Poulad
[ A Precise Project! ]
For more than 30 years, Aras Industrial Group manufactures Steel Frameworks for Concrete structures and buildings.
Design Mission
Aras Poulad asked us to redesign their identity to represent their founding values and capabilities. As their obsession for precision in large scale industrial frameworks stunned us, we created an identity that communicates their precision and quality.
Developing Brand Style
A clear and strong design language helps communicate the reliable and industrial essence of the brand.
Obsession for Precision
We used Precise Technical Dimensioning as a graphical element in their visual identity.
Logo & Type Combination
The Technical Dimensions and Proportions is a part of their compositions.
Embracing Aras Family
Aras also tasked us to define and design an internal magazine to strengthen their internal branding.
Project Components
Satisfied Client :)
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